Yiff Party: Web Content Scraping Tools For Windows Mac OS

Today, I was searching for technical knowledge-related topics/ articles. During all these web search activities, I found out an interesting topic: yiff party. So many people are searching for it. But when I tried to visit this site I got to know that it no longer exists. Although, when anything goes off the road alternatives take place that is similar in the case of the yiff party.


Yiff party was introduced to the world in the year 2015 and in the year 2020, the founder has decided to shut down. Yiff party is the spot or free domain where one can find access to get the insight of different content creators’ posts that is available on different platforms or websites such as Fantasia, Fanbox, Patreon. Yiff party is considered a piracy website. People only need to use some web scraping tools to steal the content and they get the content free of cost.

You could find the game or film development projects

When the official statement of yiff party shutdown was released, people started searching for other furry creation alternatives.

  • Kemono.party 
  • ofans.party
  • Memory hole

All these three will possess the same objectives as the yiff party. Want to know what kind of tools used to do web page copy or scrap off things available on the web page. 

4 Tools to Scrap Contents like Yiff Party Alternative

Everyone is not a pro with Techworld or tools available out there. If you are one of those individuals who don’t know much about coding and scrap the contents.

  • Octoparse

Are you a business owner or enterprise owner?

Hunting for a tool to access web content scraping services, Octoparse gives you accessibility. It can be operated on Windows and Mac. It is a very fast secure web scraper client-side tool. Data is available in various formats and Octoparse enables you to download the static and dynamic content of different platforms connected to e-commerce, social media, marketing, real estate, and others. 

Octoparse eliminates the complexity of complex website functionality to develop pagination, a log-in interface for any application or website. You just need to copy the source code and place it on the websites to display important information, store tracking functionality, competitive price monitoring, lead-generation accessibility by following a few simple steps. 

Octoparse offers its users basic and advanced accessibilities. By using these functionalities and skills you can extract the data in the desired format that is available on any webpage. Check out the task template mode of octopuses.

You can develop a web crawler using the advanced features of octopuses. It allows extracting the data faster.

  • Parsehub

Different websites are developed by using different frameworks and programming languages. If you want to gather information or data from a website developed using AJAX, Javascript, cookies, etc. This web scraping tool is developed or based on machine learning performs different actions to convert web page information into an understandable format. Parsehub reads, scans, converts, and gives you data in a recognized format.

This web scraping tool can be installed on Windows, Apple devices, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. To get accessibility you can install an extension with the browser too. So, you can easy-to-go with the functionality of the web scraping tool.

To use the complete tool and its features you need to pay applicable charges. After making payment, you can manage and implement the web scraping functionality on 20 projects. But if you want to access things simply and ordinarily without subscribing to any paid services or skills it is limited to 5 basic web-scraping activities. Want to know how to use the functionalities of Parsehub then go to the official website and check the instruction videos.

  • Import.io

It is software that sets up a visual environment to access the designing and customization skills to mine and develop the data. If you need images or PDFs in a suitable format that too is possible. It is a uniform web extraction software that follows all the extraction levels in a single domain. You can integrate the functionalities into any system.

Install web scraping extension and plugins

Data scraper (chrome)

If you want to extract listing and table content data then you can install the Data Scraper extension in your chrome web browser, subscribe to the free plan, and continue with the functionalities. If you will access paid subscription plan following functionalities will be open-to-use:

  • API/ IP proxies
  • 2Real-time data accessibility 
  • 500 web page-scrap per month

Web Scraper(for Chrome& Cloud)

This extension offers additional functionality to chrome and cloud browsers. If you want to prepare a sitemap for a website to confirm the proper navigation route of webpages and also the content used on webpages. Cloud extension can also pull out the material by performing multiple operations across different web pages in a different format. To preserve the data you may install CouchDB or save it to a CSV file.


If you want to upload the table format data to your Google Doc file this can be done using a simple extension. By using a cursor and copy-paste options you can do so. 

Go to the webpage from where you won’t scrape the things. Take your cursor to the point, select the proper stuff, when you right-click, a pop-up menu will appear, from here you can locate the scrape similar option. The data will get scraped. To scrape new content either you can type jQuery or make a new column. People who have technical/programming knowledge or know-how to type Xpath or Jquery handle this scraper.

This extension is specially designed for mediate and pro users.

Online Web Scraping Application

Cloud Scrape App

This application has its web spiders that manage the scraping process into three steps, the bots will pull out the things(extract), then crawl, and last pipes.

This extension offers you a few tools and functionalities so you can get the data in an organized form. You can pen down the things on a website you want to. 

The non-technical person will need to focus to learn the skills. To understand the fundamentals of this tool you need to read the things on the first page.

Many web scraping proxy servers offer the firmware to access the web scraping functionalities. There are two options to store the data either you can save it as a CSV file/ JSON file. The second way is you can put the data on hold after a while you will archive it in a specific location.

To extract the synced data subscribe to the paid service plan.


This application offers 1000 HTTP requests per month, to avail more HTTP request accessibility you may spend a little more. This web scraping application allows you to extract the data in any language that you are comfortable with from various locations of the web world(online and dark web). You can sort your search by different filters and the resultant data can be exported to JSON, XML, RSS Formats. This webhose.io tool is very advantageous and rich in web scraping accessibilities.

We have tried to explain the things that may help you to scrap the data from the web in a simple way. Now, you don’t have to worry that the yiff party got down as you have many other options available for web scraping.

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