Sony launched its first drone project Called Dubbed Airpeak Project

Sony announced that the company is entering in the drone market with its new product called Airpeak. Sony left something mysterious on the specifics and plan to launch it’s drone next spring. 

The company plans to integrate a little amount of intelligence into the drones’ systems. Sony explains that the drone is developed under “the field of AI robotics,” Airpeak focuses on the multiple industries. However, it holds its work made out for it if it expects to move up against DJI, which become the priority choice in the consumer UAV sector.

Little UAVs are getting smaller and smarter and can easily avoid obstacles now and identify the other flying objects without any intrusion of human control.

The bare-bones announcement says only that Sony has been inspired by the “recent proliferation” of drones and the changes they have caused in both the industrial and creative sectors.

This is the information we understand from the official Sony website.

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