7 Logical Ways to Resolve Can’t Download App Error Code 924

We download different types of applications and games on our phones. Many times the download gets stopped midway and shows the status can’t download app error 403. Are you feeling difficulty downloading or updating an app or you are receiving an error message 924 on your android smartphone? Want to know why it is happening or how you can fix it yourself.

Reasons can’t download app error 924

The scenarios can be different with every user. Numerous issues can popup the error code924. After coming across from tech expert views we have found some common issues while users Can’t download app error 924 shows. Check the below issues and also we are mentioning the ways to fix this error code.

  • Security Prevention

We install the security software, blockers to keep our system safe from threatful sites, unauthorized or non-reliable sources. If it is available on your android phone. You may receive the error code924. This software prevents access and secures your phone from hacking events.

  • Power saving mode on

Download automatically gets stopped over the power saving g mode. Because the internet connection is turned off at power-saving mode and at this moment you receive the error pop-up that can’t install the app at this moment. To complete the download you need to come out from power-saving mode.

  • Catch data corrupted

Catch files store the small information related to the site or application. If the files or catch data get corrupted or damaged this will affect the app downloads and update. You need to look over the issue. By clearing the catch history of the Google play store you can manage the error code 924 issue and continue to download.

  • Third-party application mess

If the data files get jumbled with other play store applications files or if the application is finding difficulties accessing some system files required to run the application this will cause functionality problems.  Generally, this issue is eliminated by the power off and power on the method.

7 solutions Google play store error code 924

To handle the issue related to the google play store downloads problem you may try the following ways:

  • Restart phone

If the event is temporary you may resolve this issue by simply holding the power button of your phone. When the reboot option appears on your phone, tap on that and wait for a while your phone will restart shortly. It will suspend all the ongoing event processes and clear the quick tab access history. This method works in most android phone issues. It is simple as well as secure to use. Go and check again for downloads and updates.

  • Erase Google play store history

The second way to fight this issue is to erase all the cache history data stuff from the Google play history cache. The moment you access the Google play store and search on the bar for any application or game it gets back the results faster and you select the application you want to download or update.

When the cache files miss important data, the download process takes too much time or shows the error code. In this situation you may erase all the cache history by accessing settings> manage apps> select Google play store> go to storage settings and tap on clear the data. This action will erase all the history data cache files.

After this, just power off your phone and wait for a moment, and power on again. You can open the play store and download your favorite.

  • Turn off auto-update

We don’t pay attention to this aspect. But this can also restrict you to access, download or update the application and games. If the auto-updated will be turned on and while the downloading is in the process, the internet data got run out of its limit it may miss some system files which will create a mess and can’t download the app.

Sometimes the new updates are in development mode and if they get downloaded the app will behave in an unfamiliar way. To save yourself from this dramatic mode you can follow the following steps:

Settings > Manage apps and updates > locate Google play store > go inside it and check for the option of uninstalling updates. Let the process be complete.

If you have enough data to download the app with its required space, go inside the austere and locate the application you were trying to download or update.  Tap on the download/update and wait for the completion.

  • Turn off battery saver/power saver

While you are using the power saving mode on your phone it will give you accessibility to use the basic resources and apps of your phone. You can call your friends, you can set alarms, you can play music. It does not let you access the wi-fi or internet connection because the internet consumes the battery of the phone. While you enable the power saver mode it generally comes with the message can’t download the app.

You can continue the download by disabling the power saver mode. To do this you can either access the quick menu or go to the settings app.

Locate the battery and performance option. You can find both options together or separately.

Access battery option and locate the battery saver mode inside the battery optimization option. Turn it off and continue your download tasks and get out of can’t download app error 924.

  • Remove unnecessary security and battery saver apps 

If you have installed any third-party applications or software to enhance the security of your phone please erase them from your phone because they are also a threat to your phone and it steals the data in a hidden way.

Security apps running in the background will work as obstacles for other downloads and app processes. It works as viruses and application blockers. But while you are feeling a little inconvenience for further downloads simply remove them from your phone.

Everything can be managed by accessing the setting app. For this thing also you need to Access setting app> manage apps > search the security software installed on your phone > hit uninstall option. The software or application will get removed shortly. 

  • Add a new google account

You can sign-in to a new google account and set up this for the google play store download and updates of the application. Once you get access to a new google account you can download the games and recover from can’t download app error 924.

  • Factory reset

Usually, the above-mentioned ways manage this problem but in case if any of the methods will not work. Only one way left for you is to do factory resetting. It will take your phone to the state you have purchased for the first time. In this step, you may lose the entire data of your phone so experts advise you to keep the data at another source.

  • Access settings > Additional settings.
  • Locate backup and reset.
  • Confirm factory reset.
  • The process will take some time.
  • Once the phone reset. Set up your Google account again and try to download the application again.

All these 7 ways are efficient and easy to practice. To solve the error code 924 or to ignore the situation can’t download app error 924. You can try an additional way to download application download repair software is available over the web to manage this issue.

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